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Installing wood siding is an intricate and complex process that requires the practiced capability of a professional siding contractor. Over the years that Lynx Renovations has been serving the Lebanon area, we’ve perfected the art of successful wood siding installations, repairs, and more.

Our experienced professionals have labored for a long time to build up their set of skills. We’re a talented, hard-working siding company ready to help you achieve flawless wooden siding.

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The Benefits of Cedar Siding

We’re skilled at cedar siding installation, repair, and replacement because of its well-known benefits. Among those are:

  • Natural insulation for lower energy bills
  • Increased resale value for property owners
  • Durable and rot resistant in its natural state, requiring only a thin coating of sealant
  • Easily maintained
  • Extreme weather resistance

There are several different types of cedar in the cedar family. Each has its own color tone, aging process, and gradation in terms of strength and weather resistance. Our cedar siding experts can safely guide you to the best choice for your project.

Many Varieties of Wood Siding Available

We’re considered the top wood siding company in Lebanon because of how many woods we specialize in beyond the classic cedar. We always know the best installation, repair, and maintenance techniques for any type of wood siding. We’re competent in every wood exterior style, ensuring an authentic product that’s true to your vision.

We offer the following wood siding options:

  • Pine
  • Fir
  • Spruce
  • Oak
  • Cypress
  • Redwood
  • Engineered wood

We also offer a number of different finishes, from clear and tinted stains to paint and weather sealants.

Siding Services for Everyone

One of the major benefits of wood siding is the aesthetic appearance it lends to your building. Synonymous with quality, comfort, and luxury, wood siding adds an atmosphere of hominess to any building, turning it into where everyone wants to be.

We’re able to produce the look clients want, regardless of their aesthetic preferences. Tried-and-true wood siding is a pleasure for us to install, repair, replace and maintain. We take the time in an initial consultation to get an idea of your plans and goals for your wood siding. Our technicians adhere to your plans after assessing the scope of your project and its needs, making sure that the end result measures up to your expectations.

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Keep your wood siding exterior pristine when you enlist our services. Lynx Renovations can guarantee that your façade will elevate your building’s appearance and offer the maximum in terms of protective performance. Your added curb appeal and property value is part of our payoff.

If you’re in Lebanon and the surrounding area, contact our skilled team to discuss your wood siding wishes. Our services are always in high demand, so we recommend you get in touch as soon as possible to book a consultation with our team.

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