Wood Siding Installation in Lebanon

If your home or business needs a facelift, a wood siding installation is the best route to massive curb appeal, increased value, and exceptional protective qualities. Lynx Renovations offers outstanding wood siding installation by the best local experts in Lebanon, available at competitive rates that offer high value.

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How Wood Siding Can Enhance Your Building

Some of the benefits of wood siding are obvious. Trees can grow for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in nature, exposed to the elements, extreme temperatures, and all weather conditions. A friend to the ecosystem, wood siding is a naturally occurring, biodegradable substance that can be returned to nature when it’s no longer serving its purpose.

There are many other advantages to selecting wood as your siding material. Several of them include:

  • The warm tone of wood deepens with age, and it’s easy to paint or re-seal
  • Wood typically lasts many decades with proper maintenance
  • Wooden siding is relatively easy to maintain
  • Natural insulation makes for lower energy bills
  • Wood siding offers style versatility, ranging from rustic to upscale urban
  • Engineered wood is moisture and fire resistant
  • All wood siding is highly durable
  • Many options, including pine, spruce, fir, oak, redwood, cypress, and cedar

Cedar Siding Installation

Lynx Renovations excels at cedar siding installations. Our cedar siding installers are experts of the trade, real cedar know-it-alls. They’re among the reasons we grew to become a leading wood siding company in Lebanon! 

If you’re considering or decided upon cedar, we can help. Every option available will be presented to you, and you can confidently sign on knowing you have the most skilled laborers at your service. We chose to specialize in cedar because it’s uniquely stronger than the other wood choices and has so many different beautiful tones.

Finesse in Every Style of Wood Siding Installation

Part of the appeal of a wood finish is the vast array of styles it can evoke. Skilled wood siding contractors must know how to achieve every finish, suiting a wide variety of tastes. We’ve worked hard to master every classic wood siding style, as well as niche options you won’t find anywhere else.

We can install your wood siding in a variety of styles, including:

  • Rounded planks installed for log cabin appeal
  • Horizontal lap clapboards for a traditional look
  • Sturdy tongue and groove siding installed horizontally, vertically, and diagonally
  • Board and batten vertical siding for a rustic look
  • Shake style siding, offering country and beach house vibes

If you’re stuck on design ideas but know you’d like to refresh your home or business’ facade, request a consultation with our design-savvy wood siding installers.

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