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When your gutters are starting to look like they need repairs, get in touch with Lynx Renovations. Our expert team of experienced gutter techs can be there soon to fix everything before real damage can set in on your home or business. We’ll restore your gutter and get that water contained again in a day or less.

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Lynx Renovations: Reliable Gutter Repair Company

Once your appointment for an estimate is booked, you can expect us to show up as scheduled to inspect your gutters using advanced technology to do so. Our camera will show us the interior condition of the gutter and help us locate necessary repairs that might be sight unseen. After we assess the severity of the issues and the means with which to repair them, we will present your estimate.

Our pricing is always detailed and fair in the milieu of industry-standard rates. Our process is organized and efficient, as are our repairs.

Gutter Repair Services

On the day of repairs, weather permitting, we will first clean out the gutter system with our vacuum and finish it up by hand. With the gutter primed for repair, we will apply technique and precision to all areas of concern using our high-quality parts so the repairs last, bringing renewed life to your gutter system.

Before leaving, we will run a full water test through the gutter system to ensure proper function has been restored.

Time for Gutter Repair

It’s important to recognize the signs of a gutter system needing immediate repair. Without a quick response to gutter dysfunction, property owners should prepare themselves for the far more costly gutter replacement that will be inevitable. These are the signs to look out for:

  • Water leaking, spilling, and overflowing from the top gutter
  • Water not exiting the downspout
  • Cracks, no matter how small
  • Holes, no matter how small
  • Sagging or swollen gutters
  • Uneven looking gutters
  • Puddles at the base of your house or business
  • Water damage visible or the smell of mildew in the attic and/or basement
  • Paint peeling from the gutter
  • Spots of orange or rust visible on gutter

Gutter Repair Today

It’s essential to address these signs right away. The gutter’s entire purpose is to channel water from the roof away from your property, safeguarding it from water damage. When a gutter is compromised, it stops serving this purpose, and the likelihood of water damage becomes very real. Water can slip through the smallest crack to escape the gutter and again to enter the home’s walls via a damaged piece of siding.

Anyone who’s suffered water damage can tell you it’s to be avoided at all costs. Restoration, renovation, and relocation are expensive and unpleasant.

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Our talented technicians are ready to assist you in every way we can. Trusting our advice and skill extends your gutter’s lifespan and restores peace of mind.

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