Tile Repair in Springboro

Repairing damaged floor and wall tiles one home at a time, we deliver an unrivalled repair service that will simply not be beat when it comes to price, quality and convenience. If you want to make sure that your home’s tiles remain in good shape, then you need to invest in a tiling repair team you can trust. With that in mind, why not contact us today and allow our expert tiling repair team to restore your tiles to their very best.

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Lynx Renovations’s Quick and Efficient Tile Repair

Our tile repair jobs start with one of our skilled technicians thoroughly cleaning the area of the tile where the damage has occurred. From there, we will determine if the tile is still reusable. If the tile is still in good enough condition, then the cleaned tile will be allowed to dry completely. Using industry-grade epoxy, our skilled team of tiling technicians will then fill in the damage. If chipped, we will simply put the chip back in place. After wiping away any excessive epoxy, we will allow it to set and harden. Finally, we will complete the process by painting over the repaired tile with a matching paint color.

Chipped Tile Repair

One of the repair problems that we encounter most frequently is chipped tiles. Regardless of how careful you are with your tiles, over the years, chips, dents, scrapes and other types of damage can occur. Irrespective of the type of tiling material used, the fact of the matter is that no tile is immune to the effects of regular wear and tear. However, if you invest our professionally certified and trusted tile repair service then you can rest assured knowing that you will receive a standard of attention that will simply not be beat.

Floor and Wall Tile Repair

While most homeowners probably think of floor tiles when they are considering tile repair, it’s important not to neglect wall tiles. Usually found in the bathroom, wall tiles are often subject to mold and mildew which can cause them to depreciate over time. If you notice a musty smell or cracked or crumbling wall tiles in your bathroom, don’t delay and contact us right away to fix the problem before it turns into a bigger issue. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our skilled tiling professionals or to simply learn more about the service we offer

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With unmatched levels of experience and industry-level knowhow in all aspects of the tile repair business, there is no job too challenging for our top-notch team. Why take chances with sub-standard tiling teams when the number one option for your home is right here and available for you to use. Call us today to schedule a non-committal appointment with one of our skilled specialists or for one of our many discounts. We are always happy to provide free estimates or answer any of your questions. So, what are you waiting for? Call us now!