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A working gutter system is so forgettable sometimes property owners also forget their value. Without one, water damage will result. When a gutter is very old or in rough condition, gutter replacement should be high on the priority list. Give the job to capable, trained gutter replacement experts for a water drainage system that won’t falter in a matter of months.

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Serious Gutter Replacement With Lynx Renovations

Maybe because gutters are usually out of sight, they are also out of mind. People tend to only think of them when they notice ‘this puddle by the foundation is new’ or ‘when did the gutters get so rusty?’.

The time to solve these new problems is right now. Often though, people shrug it off until the next rainfall. And the next. As time passes, the threat of water damage becomes increasingly great. The gutter is there to defend against water damage, and when it’s not in good shape, it can’t.

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Water is insidious; it gets in easily and usually unexpectedly. A broken gutter’s symptoms are a warning! They give you the chance to keep your home or business protected. Take it! Left too long, water damage should be expected. With it may come:

  • Air contaminating mold
  • Foul, musty smelling mildew
  • Water infiltration to the basement
  • Water infiltration to the attic
  • Leaks inside the house
  • Cracked foundation threatening the structural integrity
  • Seepage into windows and walls
  • Damage to chimney and roof
  • Rotting siding and wood
  • Ruined landscaping

Dealing with these consequences is costly and uncomfortable, let alone more than one at the same time! Lynx Renovations has rescued many West Chester homes and businesses from this terrible fate, and we can do the same for you.

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It’s important to know what the symptoms of a gutter in need of replacement are. It’s easy when a gutter is a smashed-in eyesore, gutter replacement should happen right away for its subsequent curb appeal. But a broken gutter can also be subtle, so keep an eye out for:

  • Cracks or holes, no matter how small
  • Peeling paint
  • Visible orange coloring or rust
  • Rainwater overflowing to create puddles close to home
  • Leaks, even if just a drip
  • Sagging gutter
  • Separating gutter
  • Nails, screws, and fasteners falling out
  • Damp, musty, moldy smell in attic or basement

Call us when any of these are present, and we will come to inspect, using our gutter camera to detect even the smallest cracks. With any luck, your gutters can be restored with a few Lynx Renovations repairs. We won’t slate you for gutter replacement unless it’s necessary! Trust our estimators as West Chester has for years.

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For a lasting return to safety, our expert gutter replacement technicians will deliver an incredible water drainage system using high-quality parts and unbeatable skills. Rely on us for amazing gutters! 

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