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The variety of services we provide and our dedication to excellence in completing them has made us so popular amongst property owners in the area. Our clients call us when issues arise with their existing wood siding and when they want to add wood siding products to a brand new construction project.

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Skilled Wood Siding Company

There is a lot of diversity in the wood siding industry – many unique kinds of wood and styles to choose from, each with its own qualities and benefits. There is a lot to know about how the wood will respond to certain treatments and installation styles and which techniques work best for completing these projects. Each of these categories is an area of expertise for the qualified and experienced team at Lynx Renovations.

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Reputable Wood Siding Contractors

Known for our excellent customer service and communication, we have worked on so many of the wood siding exteriors all over West Chester. Newer buildings boast our siding contractor skills in original installations and maintenance. Older buildings sport our siding company replacement talents, whether we covered up the old or did a partial or full tear down first.

So many properties are treated to our siding services on a regular basis via maintenance visits so we can make quick repairs as problems arise rather than when they grow and destroy the striking investment that wood siding is.

Trust Our Professional Wood Siding Company

We know what it takes to invest in a wood siding exterior. Our clients know they can trust us with their investment and that we are straightforward with every facet of the job we are there to do. Our estimates are fair, our crew is responsible and focused, and we are always there when needed, especially if there is an area where you feel unsatisfied. We aren’t there to take the money and run.

Lynx Renovations is there to ensure your wood siding is protected and is protecting you. Every project we complete, from the smallest repair to an entire wood-sided exterior, is one we stand behind with the knowledge high quality workmanship is at its heart.

Cedar Siding Contractor

The many varieties of cedar are a popular choice in West Chester. We provide full cedar siding services, helping you differentiate and choose between all the types before a new installation or replacement. We arrive for repairs and maintenance with all the equipment and materials necessary, on time and ready to go.

Cedar is the star of the wood siding industry, and we know how to have it bring out its best for you.

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