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Gutter Repair

If you’re searching for a local gutter repair expert, look no further than Lynx Renovations. Our expert technicians know everything there is to know about gutter systems. From small fixes to complete replacements, your property is in good hands when you call (513) 228-0371.

Want to learn more about our gutter repair services and how they can benefit your property? Reach out to us at (513) 228-0371 or keep reading!

Lynx Renovations: Rapid Gutter Repair

Leaving gutters to the elements over time without care or concern will surely lead to a rude awakening. A worn, rusty, cracked, sagging gutter needs to be repaired and may even require a full replacement. If you’re looking up at your gutters and spot some of these warning signs, we encourage you to contact Lynx Renovations to schedule and inspection at your earliest convenience.

Taking advantage of our gutter repair services puts you in the excellent position of having healthy gutters that carry water down and away from your roof, exterior walls, foundation, and landscaping, keeping your exterior and interior dry and unaffected by the rain.

Gutter Repair Services Performed by Accomplished Industry Leaders

Our gutter repair services are exactly what every property owner needs. Here are some of our most sought-after services:

Leak Repair

All gutter seams erode with time and eventually allow leakage. The experts on our crew will reseal the seams and corners cleanly and properly.

Gutter Tightening

Extreme temperature change and heavy precipitation mean gutters often are handling the burdensome weight of water. Over time, nails holding the gutter to the fascia will come loose and the gutter functionality will be nil. The chances of water damage through to your walls, foundation and basement becomes high. Lynx Renovations professionals will replace and tighten new nails so the gutters are held like new.

Downspout Tightening

Much in the same way, downspouts can loosen, causing leaks that turn to pooling puddles if left separated. We have the expertise to handle loose downspouts, as well as fascia, elbows, and extensions.

Rust Removal

Metal gutters will develop rust and our gutter repair company has all the materials and solvents to remove it and reseal the area for ultimate protection from recurrence.

Hole Repair

We specialize in use of metal patches and roofing cement for lasting hole repair.

Simple to us, these repairs can be done with skilled hands and excellent materials in no time. Left to grow, these problems will lead to preventable damage to any multitude of areas of your property. Don’t let what could have been handled with a phone call to Lynx Renovations turn into the massive expense and undertaking of a full gutter overhaul. Instead, call us right away.

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We are the best gutter repair company to assist you in keeping your gutters healthy. We have packages combining gutter repair services with gutter cleaning and maintenance.

Call us to find out how we can best be of service to you at (513) 228-0371.

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